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Logo   designed   for   Ace   Truck   Tires   of   Smyrna,   TN.   It was   accepted   and   business   cards   were   then   printed. Graphics  for the cards are shown below.
This   design   work   was   done   for   a   restaurant   in   Gallatin,   TN.   The   graphic   on   the   left   is   the   logo   for   the restaurant,   and   used   for   the   in-house   menu. The   design   on   the   right   was   used   for   the   delivery   side   of   the restaurant.
The   above   graphic,   with   certain   modifications,   is used   as   part   of   a   WEBsite   under   construction   to be a catalog of various merchandise for sale.
This   logo,   complete   with   orginal   typeface   design, was   an   effort   constructed   on   behalf   of   and   for   the creator of Programmer’s Digest.
The   above   is   the   logo   for   a   maker   of   jewelry.   She also    has    been    a    heavy    duty    entrepeneur    on eBay,selling much over the years.
Utizizing   the   logo   above   the   business   card   was   designed   with   a   front   and   back.   The   back   is unique   in   that   it   was   designed   so   that   the   sales   person   could   quickly   and   accurately   measure the depth of the tread.
Looking   at   the   label   on   the   left   you   see   it   was   created   as   a   result   of   the   creation   of   the “World’s   first   audio   magazine.”   It   was   designed   for   the   broadcasting   industry   in   1972.   To the   right   the   label   on   the   right   was   designed   as   a   gift   by   a   daughter   to   give   to   an   aging mother.
It’s   just   one   of   the   thousands   of   photos   shot.   Most   of   my photographic   efforts   have   been   for   material   used   and sold on eBay. I take great pride in this area of work.
The   book   design   was   created   for   Pastor Moore   of   Nashville   a   few   years   back.   The book was published.
Greeting   cards   have   been   designed,   over   time, for    sending    via    eMail,    posting    to    a    WEBsite, forum or print media.
I   have   been   a   doodler   all   my   life,   and   these   are   just   a   few   of   the   many.   I   would   be   honored   to doodle for you.